Stimulus Package - Overview

Accounting and Tax Implications of the COVID-19 Stimulus Payments

Presented by Mark Morris.

With receipt of the Cash Flow Boost and JobKeeper payments by many businesses, accountants will be wondering how to treat these amounts for accounting and taxation purposes. This webinar will address these issues in detail.

Recorded on Thursday, 16 July 2020.

1 CPD Hour

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Listen to this 2-hours special webinar on COVID-19 Stimulus Package

Presented by John Jeffreys (2 April 2020)




Stimulus package explained: Tax team special commentary

Our Tax Technical team has broken down the details of key components of the Federal Government’s two stimulus packages and how the measures in the packages are likely to work in a practical sense for your clients, and indeed your own business.

The analysis covers:

  • Instant asset write-off
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Boosting cashflow to employers - including 3 X examples to show how the cashflow boosts operates
  • Anti-avoidance provisions
  • Superannuation Contributions