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Tax & Super Australia provides a comprehensive range of tax professional development options to satisfy CPD requirements, with high quality learning, tax education and development events. Members can take advantage of exclusive discounted rates, while gaining valuable CPD credits. All our CPD components help you keep abreast of technical and current issues. With tax webinars, tax seminars, tax group discussions, tax seminar notes and tax podcasts, you can meet all your CPD requirements and hours on a yearly basis.

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    Valuable fortnightly tax podcasts to help you learn on the go

    Whether you’re walking to work, commuting on the train, or driving the car, stay up-to-date with our FREE informative fortnightly Tax Wrap podcast compiled by our tax experts.


    Tax Webinars

    Explore relevant subject matter with our tax experts, wherever you are

    Our tax webinars let you learn wherever you are. Even if you can’t make the live session, you can access our webinar on-demand service, so you can review any part of the content as much as you like.

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    4/03/2021Monthly Tax Update Webinar Recordings - March 2021 MTU2103WF
    5/03/2021Year-end FBT changes YEF2103WE
    12/03/2021Full expensing of assets FEA2103WE
    18/03/20212021 Superannuation Quarterly Update - Session 1Updates of major developments in the superannuation industry from January - March 2020SQU2103WF
    19/03/2021GST Margin Scheme GST2103WE
    26/03/2021Self-education expenses SEE2103WE
    1/04/2021Monthly Tax Update Webinar Recordings - April 2021The Monthly Tax Update webinars keep you informed and at the forefront of your profession.MTU2104WF
    6/05/2021Monthly Tax Update Webinar Recordings - May 2021 MTU2105
    3/06/2021Monthly Tax Update Webinar Recordings - June 2021The Monthly Tax Update webinars keep you informed and at the forefront of your profession.MTU2106WF
    17/06/20212021 Superannuation Quarterly Update - Session 2Updates of major developments in the superannuation industry from April - June 2020SQU2106WF

    Tax Webinars Recording

    Presented by experienced tax experts, fulfil your CPD hours anywhere, anytime.


    Tax Seminars

    Increase your tax education knowledge to better serve your clients.

    Facilitated by subject matter experts, these tax seminars will grow your knowledge and give you the opportunity to ask questions. Learn alongside colleagues and peers and develop your expertise in order to benefit you and your stakeholders. 

    8/03/2021PerthWA2021 Perth Tax Update - Session 1 PTU2102S
    10/05/2021PerthWA2021 Perth Tax Update - Session 2 PTU2105S
    9/08/2021PerthWA2021 Perth Tax Update - Session 3 PTU2108S
    8/11/2021PerthWA2021 Perth Tax Update - Session 4 PTU2111S

    Tax & Super Discussion Groups

    Discover valuable insights and strategies with our tax and super discussion groups

    Our discussion groups are a great way to interact with your peers and colleagues. On top of discussing relevant topics, discussion groups provide a community and support network that you can tap to develop your expertise professionally and socially.

    Browse our discussion groups by clicking here or by selecting a city below.

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