JobKeeper Package 

The federal government's $130 billion JobKeeper Package has now passed both houses of parliament. This legislation is being described by media outlets as the "most important piece of legislation since the 2nd World War".

 In this webinar recording, John Jeffreys, Tax Counsel of Tax & Super Australia will explain:

  • Which employers and which employees are eligible for the JobKeeper Payment
  • How the JobKeeper package applies to various business structures such as sole traders, trusts, partnerships and companies (with and without employees).
  • When the JobKeeper payments will begin to flow.
  • Interaction with the cash flow boost and JobSeeker rules.
  • How to calculate the 30% downturn in revenue.
  • What information a business needs to provide regarding the 30% downturn estimate.
  • What happens if you get the estimated downturn wrong.
  • Anti-avoidance provisions.
  • Reporting of employees to the ATO and reporting to employees.
  • Raise related issues such as superannuation contributions, employment law and payroll tax implications.

We want to help you during these challenging times. This recording is free for members and available for a very small nominal fee of $29.95 for non-members. 

Along with the recording, you will also get in-depth notes that cover a lot more than the webinar recording. 

Recorded on Tuesday, 14 April 2020. 
Presented by John Jeffreys
1 CPD Hour

JobKeeper Package Webinar Recording

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