​What is CPDpro

 CPDpro is your no-fuss pathway to fulfilling the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). This subscription takes away the burden of having to search for CPD events, giving you 36 hours a year consisting of webinars, podcasts and other CPD value content. 

*This offer is limited to new members only and under the condition that you are a registered tax agent. This offer ends 14 November 2019. Terms and conditions apply. 

What do you get? 

​You will get 2019-20 materials, covering 11 hours of monthly tax update webinars from May 2019 to April 2020. On top of that, you will also get an additional four special topic webinars. Complete this course and you will get a certificate for 16 hours instantly! 

In addition, you will also get membership with Tax & Super Australia, giving you access to ALL of our member resources, tools and helpline calls.  

Membership of 

Tax & Super Australia
(Valued at $529)

 CPD Subscription

 36 CPD Hours
  (Valued at $293)

BONUS Publications

  (Valued at $258)  

  • 2019-20 Tax Summary  (print + digital)
  • 2019-20 SMSF Manual (print + digital)
  • 6 helpline calls
  • The rates and thresholds pocket guide
  • Bi-monthly Outlook magazine
  • Members discounts on all publications and events
  • Member-only portal (tools, calculators, and checklists)

  • 16 structured hours of webinar recordings
  • 6 structured hours of podcasts
  • 6.5 structured hours of curated newsletter 
  • 7.5 unstructured hours of publications  


2018-19 Tax Summary  

  2018-19 SMSF Manual 




"This way of doing CPD hours is so awesome, so structured and easy to follow and makes getting the hours done so much less of a headache"
Abbas Abdallah
"Frankly having CPD all in one place is very inviting. You've got various sources of PD out there, different offerings and events to chase down, but having it all in one place is such a relief"
Melissa McKean
"CPDpro lets me meet all of my ongoing CPD requirements in one place, without having to switch between providers and manage multiple subscriptions"
Luke Costa

Questions People Ask

1. Do you give a certificate for my CPD

Yes. After you've 100% completed the course, you will receive a certificate for 16 CPD hours. These are the hours for all the webinars you've watched. 

For the rest of the hours, we will provide you with a CPD tracker where you can put in your hours listening to our podcast and reading other resources. 

2. What are the topics of the webinars that I will get?  

Each subscription year, you will receive 11 monthly tax update webinars, each giving you 1 CPD hour.

On top of that, you will receive 4 additional webinars. Here are the topics for 2019-20 subscription year:
1. Tax and Deceased Estates
2. Tax-effective Estate Planning
3. Employee vs Contractor
4. Winding Up Companies

3. Can I just get CPDpro without the membership?
A prerequisite to subscribe to CPDpro is membership of Tax & Super Australia.

4. Can I also get last year CPDpro content? 
Yes, last year CPDpro (2018-19) is available. It will give you the same amount of 36 CPD hours. We can adjust the price for you, please call 03 8851 4555 to discuss. 

Special topics webinar for 2018-19 subscription year:
1. Tax and Business Structures
2. Asset Protection
3. Main Residence Exemption
4. Company Tax Rates and Imputation
5. BONUS - Tax Agents and the Code of Conduct

5. How do I record my hours? 
When you subscribe to CPDpro, you will be sent a link to download our “CPD Tracker” spreadsheet, which can be saved and updated as you complete your CPD hours.

6. What do I get as a proof of my CPD, in case I get audited? 
At the end of the subscription, every subscriber will be sent a document stating that a year of CPDpro subscription has been completed. The CPD Tracker spreadsheet you will have kept up-to-date will also contribute to proof of completion.

7. When will my membership last?
Your CPDpro subscription and membership with Tax & Super Australia will end on 30 April 2020. 

8. Can I trial this? 
Yes, you can try this subscription for 30-days free. Please note that content is limited under the trial period and is intended to just give a preview of the content and platform. You can access it here

9. What if I am not a registered tax agent? 
You can still take up this offer for the price of $769 if you are not a registered tax agent. 

*This offer is limited to new members only and under the condition that you are a registered tax agent. This offer ends 14 November 2019. Terms and conditions apply. 

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