Top 3 Issues for Practitioners Webinar

Presented by: John Jeffreys

A lot is happening at present in the tax agent’s world. Tax agents need to be fully informed of the developments affecting the way they operate their business that are occurring now. Not understanding these new developments can cost you money and make clients upset because you can’t deliver the service they require.

This webinar will cover three important issues for tax agents. These are:

Access to deceased taxpayer’s information – Following the shutting down of the tax agent’s portal and the introduction of the new online services for agents, it is illegal for the ATO to give to a tax agent any tax information about an individual client who has died. This information must be given to the Legal Personal Representative of the deceased person. This is a major and problematic change to dealing with deceased estates. The webinar will inform you of the ATO’s “workaround” to this problem and the long term solution.

Moving from AUSKey to myGovID – By the end of March 2020 all tax agents and their staff will need to change from the AUSKey method of accessing government information to the myGovID method. Tax and Super Australia recently conducted a survey of its members concerning this issue and found there is widespread misunderstanding about this fundamental change. The webinar will give you the latest information on the change and answer some of the common questions being asked by tax agents.

Tax Practitioner Board activities – All tax agents should keep abreast of what the TPB is doing. The TPB is asserting its presence more through increased compliance activities and litigation. The webinar will update you on the latest activities of the TPB and what you need to watch out for.


Topics Covered

Recorded on Tuesday, 11 February 2020

1 CPD Hour

Top 3 Issues for Practitioners

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