Deductions for Employee Travel Expenses - Webinar

In this webinar recording, we look at many of these examples, the principles applied and how you can use this to assist your clients. Specifically, we will look at the deductibility of travel expenses:

  • Between home and a regular place of work
  • Between home and a second or subsequent place of work (and how to determine if this has become a regular place of work)
  • Between home and an alternative work location including the relevance of:
    • Whether this is part of employment duties
    • Whether this is due to the practical demands of carrying out work duties
    • Employee choice
    • Distance
  • Between workplaces
  • Involving transit points
  • Related to on call and standby arrangements
  • Involving transportation of bulky equipment

Recorded on Tuesday, 10 March 2020. 
Presented by Richard Wilkins
1 CPD Hour

Deductions for Employee Travel Expenses

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