Asset Protection Strategy - Webinar Recording

Presented by: Allan Swan

Allan Swan investigates the state of risk that many Australians expose their key assets to. Through his many years of experience in preventative law, Allan profiles risk mitigation strategies drawn from real life examples and court case evidence.

As an advisor, here are some primary areas of risk you should anticipate:

  • Exposure to future family law claims - divisible property, financial resources and child support
  • Future creditor claims - clawback of capital and income
  • Estate challenges - personal estate, superannuation and family trusts

Family law – asset protection strategies

  • Binding financial agreements
  • Pre-relationship capital reserved trusts
  • Concessionally taxed child support (maintenance) trusts

Future creditors – asset protection strategies

  • Protected assets
  • Separation of intellectual property & retained profits
  • Security for funding – mortgages & personal property securities

Challenge risk – asset protection strategies

  • Domestic partner ownership
  • Use of home equity trusts – avoiding triggering CGT events & dutiable transactions
  • Use of capital reserved trusts

In this webinar, we looked at how to address these issues now, rather than have them come back to haunt you.

Recorded on Tuesday, 27 March 2018

1.5 CPD Hours

Asset Protection
The focus of this webinar is putting in place firewalls for Australian lifestyle, investment or business assets so that they are out of reach of claimants.

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