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On Tuesday, 21 July 2020, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg announced an extension to the current JobKeeper and JobSeeker government subsidies. The announcement was made in the context of the ongoing effect on the Australian economy of the coronavirus known as COVID-19. Although early attempts to control the virus were relatively successful, there has been a “second wave” of outbreak in the greater Melbourne area which has placed a significant dampening effect on the recovery of the Australian economy. The announcement on 21 July 2020, was, in part, to deal with the effect on the Victorian economy but also the general effect on the whole of the Australian economy.

There was also a detailed Economic and Fiscal Update on Thursday 23 July 2020. Some minor changes were also announced in this update and these have been included in the paper.

These notes will cover the changes to the JobKeeper subsidy and the JobSeeker payments. I will assume that you understand how the JobSeeker and JobKeeper packages currently operate.

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These notes were just the best I've seen in a very, very long time — David Krunic, DKP Chartered Accountants

I like the new notes. A lot of diagrams for the cases, easy to read and straight forward — Weiya Mao, Nicol & Nicol 

The detail is fantastic — Jo Sampson, Accountant C

I found the notes outstanding — John van Delft, Taxkare Pty Ltd