Practitioner's Pathway - Fellow


The premium plug-in for Tax & Super Australia members, and a must-have for all tax and super practitioners registered with the TPB. The Practitioner’s Pathway for Fellows takes away most of the TPB compliance burden and allows you to focus on growing your business and servicing your clients.

The pathway offers an affordable all-purpose solution to managing your tax agent registration, including more than 30 hours of CPD to comply with TPB requirements, and takes away most of the paperwork burden whether you are a tax agent, BAS agent, or tax (financial) adviser.

The Practitioner's Pathway guarantee

 Offering  Type  Approx Hours/yr
 15 hours of webinars    
 11 x Monthly Tax Update, up to 1 hour webinar (inc comprehensive notes) 
 Four webinar recordings  (minimum 1 hour each)
 Structured  4.0
 11 x Monthly Tax Update Notes (70 - 100 pages)
 Unstructured 11.0
 Tax Wrap Podcasts (from 15-60 mins)  Structured 7.5
 TSA Membership Publications  Unstructured 7.5 
 Total    41 

What you will receive

 Post-nominals - FTPA (Fellow of TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd.) $275/yr
+ $50 application and processing fee
 Practising certificate
 Monthly Newsletter
 Voting rights with an RTAA (TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd)
 100% of your CPD hours (CPDpro subscription)

How to become a Practitioner's Pathway Fellow:
1. Click the button below and pay for the $50 application fee
2. Download the application form and send it to us
3. Our consultant will be in touch with you
4. If you have any question, please call Member Services (03) 8851 4555

A pre-requisite to join Practitioner's Pathway is Tax & Super Australia membership.
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