SMSF Manual

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The SMSF Manual is the only resource and guide super professionals need to manage an SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) for their clients.

It is a step-by-step guide that covers all things SMSF, except the provision of financial advice as part of the AFSL regime. When your clients instruct you to act on their behalf, be confident that you are completely equipped to execute their instructions correctly and effectively.

It's comprehensive...
It includes all recent changes to the Australian superannuation law and covers all aspects of running an SMSF, from set-up and management through to winding up.

.. but also comprehensible
It’s written in plain English and contains clear explanations, detailed examples and proven strategies.

What's inside the SMSF Manual

  1. Introduction to SMSFs
  2. Setting up an SMSF 
  3. Contributions
  4. Contribution strategies
  5. Tax issues for SMSFs
  6. Managing an SMSF
  7. Superannuation benefits
  8. Taxation of superannuation benefits
  9. Pension strategies 
  10. Investment
  11. Limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  12. Investment strategies 
  13. Accessing pensions and government benefits 
  14. Divorce
  15. Bankruptcy, death and winding up
  16. SMSF audit
  17. Regulatory penalties, breaches and sanctions
  18. Transfer balance cap

SMSF Manual 2021-22 (Paper)

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SMSF Manual 2020-21 (Paper)

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