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With a community of more than 15,000 professionals, it pays to be a member.

Membership with Tax & Super Australia (TSA) is the best way for tax and SMSF professionals to maintain their knowledge, liaise with experts and have a real influence in the profession. Members enjoy exclusive benefits, including publications that deliver practical insights, helpline access and discounts on our products and services.

Tax Summary

Print & digital

SMSF Manual

Print & digital

Helpline Calls

6 calls p.a.

Pocket Rates & Thresholds Guide

Print & digital

Outlook Magazine

Bi-monthly, print & digital

Professional Tools

Checklists, calculators and more

Discounted CPD Events

Seminars, webinars, discussion groups

Advocacy & Influence

Provide feedback and gain recognition

Connect & Network

Interact with other tax and super professionals



"The Tax Summary is the Bible for CPAs. The contents are extensive, it is easy to use and provides quick answers to many preparation and client questions."
Prastish Bajwa
"Glad to have joined your organisation this year, very good support for a small practitioner"
Barbara Page
"I find Tax & Super Australia very informative. Ken and other panelists for the webinars give real life examples which make tax and super changes easy to understand"
Farah Itrana

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1. In which format are digital books delivered? 
Both the digital Tax Summary and SMSF Manual are available via Adobe digital editions, which is free to download. We do not provide a PDF version as we need to protect our licensed products.

2. Does Membership include CPD subscriptions?
CPDpro is an add-on subscription to professional membership (note that professional membership is a pre-requisite to CPDpro).

3. Do we offer instalments? If not, why?
We do not offer instalments yet but we are working on to find a suitable system to allow this. Note that TSA is a not-for-profit membership organisation with an aim to keep our prices as low as possible in support of our members.

4. Why is membership pro-rated?
Membership is pro-rated on the basis of a common annual renewal date. Apart from being easy to remember, this also provides potential members with an opportunity to trial membership for a smaller cost.

5. What is the difference between a registered tax agent and a non-registered tax agent? 
There are significant penalties for anyone providing tax agent services for a fee or reward or advertising tax agent services while unregistered. Additionally, under the safe harbour provisions in the law, taxpayers using a registered tax agent may not be liable to some administrative penalties imposed by the ATO in certain circumstances.

6. How do I become a tax agent in Australia?
To become a registered tax agent, individual applicants must satisfy certain qualifications and experience requirements of the TPB. For example, tertiary qualifications in accountancy with required relevant experience, diploma or higher award with increased relevant experience, as well as membership of a professional association such as Tax & Super Australia. We offer pathways to tax practitioner registration via our Fellow pathway or the Associate pathway.