Member Get A Member Campaign


Help us grow and enjoy a membership discount

Would you like to be an advocate for Tax & Super Australia and get a discount on your membership? Take part in our "Member Get A Member" campaign. 

We are asking members to tap into your network and share the value of our membership with your colleagues and friends. Support your organisation and receive a discount along the way. 

How does it work? 

Growing stronger, together

By helping to bring more like-minded professionals into our organisation, we gain more strength so we can better advocate on your behalf, boost membership benefits and support you at all stages of your journey. 


Two ways to get involved

1. Provide us with the name(s) and contact information of your colleague(s)
Email the details to and we will contact them directly to discuss the value of membership

2. Direct your friends or colleagues to join online by clicking the button below
During the process, they will have the opportunity to fill out your details and we will apply the discount to your profile appropriately. Don't forget to supply your member ID to them. 


Terms & Conditions

1. These Terms & Conditions outline the criteria for receiving a discount on your membership fees through a successful referral.

2. All the Members of Tax & Super Australia (TSA) are eligible for referring a new member.

3. For every successful referral, you qualify for a 25% discount on your membership fees for the following year’s membership subscription. 
4. Successfully refer 4 members and get a full waiver of your membership fees for one year. For any additional member referred (over and above 4), your discount will be carried forward to the subsequent membership year.
5. Practise/Enterprise members can avail discount on their Practise Manager fee only.
6. The discount offered cannot be substituted with another gift.

What qualifies
7. You qualify for a discount only when your referee successfully becomes a member of TSA.
8. Practise/Enterprise members qualify only when their referee takes up a professional or a practise membership. Adding an additional user (Affiliate) to your existing Practise membership will not qualify.
9. You will be notified when your referee signs up to become a TSA member.
10. When the same referee is referred by more than one member, only the first member who notified TSA of the particular referee will be eligible. 

When can I refer
11. The referral program shall end on the 31st March 2020.
12. Discounts earned from a successful referral made during the year will be noted on your account and credited to your membership fees for the following year’s membership subscription.