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Super Quarterly Update - Nov 2021
Trusts 5: Trust Losses 
(Part 2)
Trusts 4: Trust Losses (Part 1) 
November Tax Notes


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7/12/2021Monthly Tax Update Webinar Recordings - December 2021OnlineThe Monthly Tax Update webinars keep you informed and at the forefront of your profession.MTU2112WF
17/12/2021Trusts 8: Other trust issuesOnline TRUS8TWE
8/02/2022Melbourne Discussion Group - Tuesday 5:30PM (2022)Bulleen MTT2200G
8/02/2022Sydney Super Discussion Group (2022)Sydney SST2200G
9/02/2022Melbourne Tax Discussion Group - Wednesday 5:30PM (2022)  MTW2200G
10/02/2022Sydney Tax Discussion Group (2022)Sydney STT2200G
10/02/2022Melbourne Super Discussion Group (2022)Bulleen MST2200G
15/02/2022Online Tax Discussion Group - Tuesday Evening (2022)Online OTDGT2200G

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