Trusts 6: Trusts and CGT events

The CGT law contains 10 separate events that can cause a capital gain or capital loss to arise in relation to a trust. In this session we will cover the events you are most likely to encounter in practice. It will include a detailed discussion on CGT event E4 which occurs when a beneficiary receives a tax-free amount in relation to their unit or interest in a trust.

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   Friday 26 Nov                    John Jeffreys    Slides  
   12:30-1:30pm Melbourne Time         Recorded webinar    Recording 
   1 CPD point      $99 (members) | $132 (standard)        Notes


Presented by: John Jeffreys


As Tax Counsel of Tax and Super Australia, John regularly advises members in dealing with Australia's tax and superannuation laws. John also does public speaking on tax topics, presents many webinars and the video series "Quick Tax", prepares submissions on tax issues, and discusses tax matters with members of the ATO and Treasury. He has been in the tax sector for over 35 years, including being a tax partner in two of the large accounting firms and running his own tax consultancy for over 10 years.
26/11/2021 12:30 PM - 26/11/2021 1:30 PM
Online, Australia

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