Trust “Reimbursement Agreements”

The Commissioner has decided he is coming for trust distributions, and his hammer this time is section 100A. From 1 July this year the Commissioner will be reviewing many of our standard distribution practices, especially the use of adult beneficiaries, and if he doesn’t like them, this section lets him ignore the distribution and tax the trustee… In this session we will take a deep dive into what the Commissioner is saying he is looking for and how we can change our practices to get a similar outcome, but without the risk of 100A applying.


More information:

   Friday 1 July                Ken Mansell    Slides  
   12:30-1:30pm AEST      Live webinar    Recording 
   1 CPD point      $99 (members) | $132 (standard)      Notes



Presented by: Ken Mansell

Ken currently works in a part-time capacity for both the Australian and Solomon Island government on tax policy and provides tax and super education for a series of organisations. He has previously worked on the secretariat of the Henry Review and in the office of the Assistant Treasurer as a tax advisor. Ken has also worked in the tax division for both KPMG and Deloitte, as a tax trainer and tax specialist for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and as the head of taxation for the Seven Network Limited group and Raytheon Australia. Further, he has worked as a legal researcher in both commercial and academic role.

1/07/2022 12:30 PM - 1/07/2022 1:30 PM
Online, Australia

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