Sydney Quarterly Intensive

Tax & Super Australia has another unmissable round of TSA Quarterly Intensives coming to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne! These half-day intensive seminars will cover all the important industry developments taking place, and provide an in-depth analysis into key tax and super topics so that you can advise your clients with confidence and expertise.

Facilitated by Tax & Super Australia’s Tax Counsel, Phillip London and Head of Superannuation Natasha Panagis, these sessions are full of practical insights, real-world examples and delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and apply.

Natasha Panagis

Small business CGT concessions and superannuation

Those of us advising small business owner clients need to have a strong awareness of how the small business CGT concessions intertwine with superannuation.

This session provides practitioners with the information they need to engage in strategic pre-emptive discussions with clients as they approach or contemplate the sale of their business.

We focus on how using the small business CGT concessions can boost an individual’s superannuation savings, including:

  • How the lifetime CGT cap works and the concessions that count towards it
  • The key criteria that must be met for the 15-year exemption and the retirement exemption
  • The timeframes that apply for small business sale proceeds to count towards the lifetime CGT cap
  • How the superannuation eligibility rules and contribution caps affect the lifetime CGT cap
  • And much more!

Phillip London

Income Tax Intensives – Structure, Succession and Concessions.
1. Rollovers
2. The Succession Plan
3. CGT and small business tax concession

1. Rollovers
For clients with expanding businesses, the choice of structure is critical in determining the current and future taxation outcomes that will arise in administering and determining taxation matters.

Whilst at face value the transfer of assets and businesses are the subject of capital gains tax, the myriad of rollover concessions may give rise to deferral of such an impost.  

This session discusses the most relevant concessions and raises the common planning issues that advisers in such circumstances should be aware of.

2. The Succession Plan 
Established businesses that have grown in which the founders come to retirement or a phase in which they would like to ‘step away’ from the day-to-day operations of the business require considerable attention in how to manage the ‘hand over’ to the new generation.

The critical questions of whether to hand over before final retirement and in which manner to do so, and in which entity structure that it is best undertaken, are all issues an adviser needs to consider in advising clients.

This session provides a high level overview of the issues involved and the matters to be aware of in determining the best outcomes for your client.

3. CGT and small business concessions
The CGT small business concessions and their application are a particularly challenging legislative area where a close reading and understanding of the concessions are vital in advising clients. This session reviews the concessions and discusses common pitfalls and alternatives that an adviser may need to be aware of when utilizing the respective concessions. 

Join us to discuss the foregoing and enhance the opportunity to provide outcomes to clients in the said circumstances.


More information:

   Wednesday 22 June             Phillip London & Natasha Panagis
   9am-12:30pm AEST      Seminar
   3.5 CPD points      $285 (members) | $350 (standard)    

Presented by:
 Phillip London & Natasha Panagis

Phillip London is the Tax Counsel at Tax and Super Australia. Phil’s background includes thirteen years in the ATO as well as tax advisory roles at KPMG, EY and most recently Crowe Australia. He has also worked in the UK on international tax matters. With a broad range of tax experience including personal and corporate tax issues, fringe benefits, and trusts, Phil will bring a great wealth of knowledge to our Tax Discussion Groups and Webinars.

Natasha is a highly experienced wealth management specialist with expertise in superannuation, SMSFs, retirement planning, taxation, estate planning, insurance, social security and aged care. With a seasoned ability to interpret and broadly disseminate complex information through an understandable and practical lens, she has often been sought by and quoted in the media. By developing policy and advocacy positions to Government, regulators and other key stakeholders, Natasha is actively involved in shaping Australia’s financial services industry.

22/06/2022 9:00 AM - 22/06/2022 12:30 PM
AICD Business Centre
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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