Labor Tax and Super Policy

Stay informed about the Labor opposition policies in the upcoming election.

Not since the 1998 and the GST have we seen an election that will be fought on taxation and super policy. And we will be at the front line of these proposed changes. In this session we will look at the Labor opposition policies including:

  • Removing the ability to get excess imputation credits refunded for many taxpayers;
  • Removing negative gearing deductions that can be applied against PAYGW income on all assets except new residential property;
  • Reducing the CGT discount to 25%;
  • Introduce a minimum 30% tax on discretionary trust distributions;
  • Limit the 27.5% company tax rate to Small Business Entities (turnover less than $10m);
  • Provide an immediate write off of 20% for assets greater than $20,000. 
  • Limit deductions for tax advice to $3,000 for non-business entities;
  • Remove the deduction for personal contributions to superannuation for those who are not self-employed and removal of the carry back concessional contributions rules that start on 1 July 2018;
  • Decrease the threshold at which the Division 293 tax applies to $250,000; and
  • Add back the temporary budget levy to get the highest marginal tax rate to 49%.



Presented by: Ken Mansell


Ken currently works in a part-time capacity for both the Australian and Solomon Island government on tax policy and provides tax and super education for a series of organisations. He has previously worked on the secretariat of the Henry Review and in the office of the Assistant Treasurer as a tax advisor. Ken has also worked in the tax division for both KPMG and Deloitte, as a tax trainer and tax specialist for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and as the head of taxation for the Seven Network Limited group and Raytheon Australia. Further, he has worked as a legal researcher in both commercial and academic role. 

CPD hours: 1.0
Non-Member Cost: $119
Member Cost: $99


"Ken is a great presenter - he explains all topics brilliantly and has very useful examples"
Lisa Callender

12/02/2019 11:00 AM - 12/02/2019 12:00 PM
Online, VIC Australia

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