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Tax & Super Australia is presenting an exclusive and complimentary event to finance professionals. Open to members and non members alike this unmissable half-day intensive seminar will cover all the important industry developments taking place, and provide an in-depth analysis into key tax and super topics so that you can advise your clients with confidence and expertise.
Facilitated by Tax & Super Australia’s Head of Tax, Phillip London, Head of Superannuation Natasha Panagis, and Tax Australia’s Tax Specialist David Jonavicius, these sessions are full of practical insights, real-world examples and delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and apply.


Super contribution strategies
There are many contribution strategies but an individual’s age, work status and how much they have in superannuation can impact their ability to utilise these strategies and maximise their retirement savings.
With the new superannuation contribution rules coming into effect on 1 July 2022, now is the perfect time to revisit contribution strategies as the upcoming changes could present new contribution opportunities for your clients.
This session takes a deep dive into the world of superannuation contribution strategies and will cover:
How the new contribution eligibility rules operate from 1 July 2022
How timing is key to ensure individuals can maximise their contribution potential now and in the future
Tips on maximising non-concessional contributions, including new opportunities for older Australians to consider
Concessional contribution strategies for individuals who want to make up for lost time and top up their superannuation

Focusing on Trusts
Section 100A - Change of Direction
The ATO on 23 February 2022 has potentially changed the application of accepted guidelines with respect to section 100A of the income Tax Assessment Act. Further, whilst initially providing for the application of the rules in a retrospective manner, the statements made by the caretaker Government on 7 April and subsequently on 5 May by the ATO have not necessarily given clear positions in relation to, and reliance on, the previous 2014 Guidance with particular regard to distributions made by a family trust to adult beneficiaries.
Some of the questions facing tax professionals are:
How do we administer the 2022 distributions? Did we rely on the 2014 Guidance?
How do we administer the 2023 distributions?
Is the decision in Guardian AIT Pty Ltd as trustee for the Australian Investment Trust v Commissioner of Taxation still relevant to proposed outcomes?
What are the potential strategies that can be adopted or implemented in respect of family trust distributions?
Join us in this session as we discuss the foregoing and the practical problems and measures that may be faced by tax professionals and the potential adoption of solutions in respect of this key issue.
Rollovers and Related Planning Issues.
In the course of business activity clients with growing businesses are likely, by necessity, to alter their structure under which they conduct their business.  In the context of small business how is the transfer of the business with its related assets of Goodwill, trading stock and depreciable assets transferred to the new structure? Given the myriad of rollover options, which is the optimal choice of rollover and what are the pitfalls? 
This presentation discusses the common rollover provisions that are available for small business and also provides for some of ‘watch for’ areas in which tax professionals need to approach with caution.
8/07/2022 9:00 AM - 8/07/2022 12:30 PM
Online, SA Australia

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