Testimonial - Enterprise Member

Jasper is the principal of J&J Tax Associates, a small practice firm with four partners, each with various numbers of staff on their teams depending on the number and complexity of the clients they deal with.

To enjoy the benefits of membership for each partner, with access to the semi-annually updated digital Tax Summary, yearly subscriptions to our Outlook magazine and so on, Jasper initially considered the Professional membership option.

Although the $529 annual fee for Professional membership seemed reasonable, multiplying this by four (one per partner) lead to Jasper being drawn to the Practice Membership option. The initial annual fee may be $729, but additional users can be added for a mere $129 each.

Always keen to maximise ROI, Jasper recognised that not only would this option save his business more than $600, the Enterprise membership gives all four J&J Tax partners access to the digital Tax Summary and other entitlements. As well, not only does J&J Tax get the standard six helpline services (which Jasper distributes to partners on a needs basis) but also an extra call is assigned to each partner. The firm also receives member discounts on all CPD events. The total of these and other Tax & Super Australia products and services are enough to satisfy TPB requirements.

Jasper says: "Our Enterprise membership allows our team of five practitioners to access all the benefits without having to take individual memberships, this has saved us over $1000 in membership fees. This model of membership has proven invaluable to our organisation."

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